The Honourable The Irish Society

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<h1>Organisation and structure</h1>

Organisation and structure

The Court of The Honourable The Irish Society is effectively a Board of Trustees chaired by the Governor, traditionally a former Lord Mayor of London, an elected Deputy Governor and Members of the Court of Aldermen and Court of Common Council of the City of London Corporation.

The Grant-giving forum is the Local Advisory Committee which meets regularly in County Londonderry for that purpose and is administered by the Secretary & Representative.  It consists of the Mayors, several Councillors and Chief Executive Officers of Causeway Coast & Glens Borough, Derry City & Strabane District and Mid-Ulster District Councils and is chaired by the Governor or Deputy Governor when present or - in their absence - the Society's Secretary & Representative.

The Society‚Äôs fishing interests in the River Bann System - in particular on the Mourne and Foyle rivers - are overseen by a subsidiary Bann Division Committee, also administered by the Secretary & Representative and whose members, including those with particular game fishing expertise, are split between London and Londonderry.

Financial supervision rests with the Finance Committee which reports regularly to the Court of The Irish Society and consists of a Chairman and, currently, several Members and ex-officio Members.

Following the grant of the Supplemental Charter by the Privy Council in 2012, the number of Trustees of the Court reduced from 25 Members to 15 Members serving slightly longer terms.