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Your guide to applying

Grant levels:

  • Individuals from County Londonderry can apply for grants up to £150
  • Community Groups, Clubs, Associations in County Londonderry can apply for grants up to £500
  • Charitable organisations anywhere in Northern Ireland (with an operating income below £250,00) can apply for grants between £1,000 and £2,000
  • Occasionally, exceptions are made to these amounts

WHO can apply: 

  • In the case of individuals applying to participate in a team event (eg, bowlers, young farmers, etc), a group grant - rather than an individual grant - would apply.
  • Grants to any single community group/club/association will not normally be made at less than five year intervals and are confined to projects or causes within County Londonderry.
  • Charitable organisations elsewhere within Northern Ireland should apply to the Northern Ireland Fund.

HOW to apply:

  • Use one of the on-line Forms - either the County Londonderry form for individuals and community groups/clubs/associations, or the Northern Ireland form for charitable organisations from the wider geographical area.
  • Use the button on the Application Form to download and print a hard copy.
  • Post applications to the Society’s office in Coleraine.

WHAT to include:

  • Copies of six months’ bank statements or relevant financial information must accompany applications.
  • Any additional information should be attached separately.
  • If e-mailing additional information, please send to and use the applicant name as the Subject heading.


  • Grants will normally be allocated in February, June and October each year.  The local Advisory Committee does not normally grant applications retrospectively, so please ensure you give plenty of notice of funding requirements.  The next meeting of the local Advisory Committee is scheduled to take place on Monday 12 October 2015.  The deadline for applications to be considered at this time is FRIDAY 25 SEPTEMBER.

Grant restrictions:

  • All requests for assistance must fall within at least one of the charitable purposes listed on the Application form.
  • Where possible, grants are made for specific projects or items of equipment, etc, particularly of a more permanent nature.  Contributions to general funds are rarely made.
  • Financial assistance cannot be given to meet travelling expenses.

In addition to the above, the local Advisory Committee will not normally fund:

  • Individuals applying for welfare or other social support grants
  • Community groups/clubs/associations or individuals based outside Co. Londonderry
  • Charitable organisations across Northern Ireland with an operating income above £250,000 
  • Grants which do not benefit the inhabitants of Co. Londonderry (or, in the case of charitable organisations in the wider geographical area, other parts of Northern Ireland)
  • Political parties or political lobbying
  • Non-charitable activities
  • Statutory or corporate bodies where the body involved is under a statutory or legal duty to incur the expenditure in question
  • Grant-making bodies to make grants on its behalf
  • Schools, universities or other educational establishments, except items of equipment for extra-curricular activities
  • Ex-servicemen’s or similar organisations, except for social welfare projects
  • Medical or academic research
  • Tertiary education, except for Arts courses - eg, music, dance and drama
  • Churches or other religious bodies where the money will be used for religious purposes
  • Items which have already been purchased or work / activity which has already been completed
  • Repeat grants within five years, except in special circumstances
  • Travel costs
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Commemorative Bonfires/Street Parties
  • Marching Bands

Successful applicants:

  • Evidence of expenditure of grant must be provided within six months.  And we are always pleased to receive photographs and reports on how the grant monies have been used to include on our website.
  • Any grant monies not used should be returned to the Society.