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Lower Bann Private Beats



Situated at the first weir on the Lower Bann and one of the finest Salmon beats in Ireland.

The highly oxygenated tailwater encourages fish to hold in the area on their passage upstream providing a superb angling opportunity.  The average catch for the past five years is over 450 fish per year.  The fishery now has a mandatory catch and release policy.  Resident ghillies are available at all times.  The fishery has an eight rod limit for day tickets and six rods for syndicates.  Both fly and bait fishing are permitted, but worming and multiple hook spinners are now banned.  The peak season is July and August, although September can also yield good bags.

Day Tickets can be booked through Fishpal.


Situated south east of Kilrea town, it has earned a reputation as a very good salmon beat.

It lies in two parts, separated by 1/4 mile of river which is under the management of Kilrea Angling Club.  Although the beat is under the control of Portna Angling Syndicate for the 2012 season, two day rods are available on certain days and may be booked by contacting the Coleraine office on 028 7034 4796.

The Upstream part of the beat lies directly below the flood control gates and is a tailwater fishery.  This stretch can be a prolific area when fish are running and offers excellent opportunities for the wading fly angler as salmon can be particularly free taking in the fast water.  Spinning is often also practised and this technique comes into its own in high water.  The lower part of the beat lies below the working eel traps and the Kilrea beat and has slightly slower water but still offers excellent fly-fishing.  In addition to salmon there are also good-sized brown trout to be had in both halves of the beat.

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An attractive, unspoiled beat of about 3/4 mile lying between Movanagher weir and Culiff Rock, just north of Kilrea.

The beat is under the day to day control of the Movanagher Angling Club, but there are two rods reserved each day for visiting anglers which may be booked through the Fishpal website.

This beautiful streamy beat contains a substantial stretch of the old unaltered riverbed and presents excellent fly fishing opportunities. There are five pools and wading is feasible, although care needs to be taken. The dry fly fishing for brown trout, particularly sedge fishing on summer evenings, can be very exciting and trout up to 8lbs in weight have been caught on this stretch.  The salmon fishing can be first rate, particularly if the water is low and fish linger in the area prior to running the weir upstream.

Culiff Rock

Lower Bann, near Movanagher.

Situated at a natural bend and narrowing of the river between Carnroe and the lower end of the Movanagher beat, Culiff Rock is a powerful, fast flowing stretch of the Lower Bann.  In periods of medium to low water, the beat can fish consistently well for fly fishing and, depending on water conditions, spinning and bait fishing, which are also allowed can prove successful.  Although salmon are most plentiful between June and September this beat is also renowned for its season-long brown trout fishing, with specimens of 6-7lbs being caught regularly.  Two boats with oars are available for use by booked anglers.

Day rods are available via FishpalSeason rods can be booked through The Irish Society’s Coleraine office at
54 Castleroe Road.  Tel:  028 7034 4796
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Cutts beat

Cutts beat

Cutts beat lies at the head of the Lower Bann estuary, below the historic salmon traps at Coleraine

The Cutts beat is a stretch of about 1 mile at the head of the Lower Bann estuary at Coleraine, where the river passes over a ridge of rock, on top of which are situated the historic disused salmon traps, and descends over a rocky slope onto smoother waters below.  The site is further enhanced by the nearby presence of Mountsandel Fort, one of the earliest known sites of human habitation in Ireland.  Salmon and sea trout are the main quarry on this stretch of the river.  Although the beat is let to the Bann Estuary Angling Association for the 2012 season, two day rods @ £10 each may be booked through the The Honourable The Irish Society's Coleraine office.