The Honourable The Irish Society

Committed to serving the community

Supplemental Charter

The Honourable The Irish Society carried out a thorough review of its operations and, with plans to modernise its administration and prepare for formal registration with the Charity Commission, applied to Privy Council for a Supplementary Charter.

Supplemental Charter granted

Notification was received from the Court at Windsor Castle that, following consideration of a Report of a Committee of the Privy Council dated 18th June 2012:

“Your Majesty was pleased, by Your Order of 4 December 2011, to refer to this Committee a Petition on behalf of The Honourable The Irish Society, praying for the grant of a Supplemental Charter.

The Committee have accordingly considered the Petition and have agreed to report it as their opinion that a Supplemental Charter may be granted in terms of the annexed Draft.

Her Majesty, having taken the Report and the Draft Supplemental Charter accompanying it into consideration, was pleased, by and with the advice of her Privy Council, to approve them.  It is accordingly ordered that the Right Honourable the Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain should cause a Warrant to be prepared for Her Majesty’s Royal Signature for passing under the Great Seal a Supplemental Charter in conformity with the annexed Draft”.